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Sun City Track Sun City Track

Posted By: LetsRide
Category: Places-2-Ride
Province: North West
City/Town: Rustenburg
Address: Sun City Resort
Tel Number:
Riding Cost: N/A
GPS Settings: E 27° 5' 58.8012" / S 25° 20' 54.9666"
More Info:
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The Sun City track was built for a motocross grand prix and the basic layout still remains.

Being at altitude, the jumps are more difficult to clear than you think and the sticky soil can really weigh the bike down as well. There is a bit of a sand section, but time has eroded the majority of the sand.

There are some small stones on some parts of the track, but for the most, the condition is still excellent. This track will either be muddy or dusty with a very short period of perfect conditions in between. Hope your race is then.

The start is fairly fast with a sweeping right hander that goes on way past 90 degrees. The best start place is about a quarter way in from the inside. The track has a few opportunities for passing, but agression will be the name of the game.


Comment by: gavsmith5

is this track still around and can you still ride on it?

Date: 6 May 2013

Comment by: epretori

The track is still here, but they are thinking of taking it down due to lack of interest, if we can get enough people to email myself for ideas and maybe change it into a mx and quad mixed track and maybe clubs we can save it. Please get eveybody to email me on enrico.pretorius@suninternational.com let see what we can do

Date: 13 October 2013

Comment by: Liam

Hi all my name is Liam I have a semi-offroad bike and I'm looking for places to ride specifically Enduro tracks within about 2 hours drive from rustenburg. If you know of any tracks please let me know my email is hello.dieliam@gmail.com thank you.

Date: 7 March 2017

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