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Gordons Bay Track Gordons Bay Track

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Category: Places-2-Ride
Province: Western Cape
City/Town: Gordons Bay
Address: Gordon's Bay
Tel Number: 0836524765
Riding Cost: R40 - R70
GPS Settings: 34° 8'4.03"S 18°52'29.00"E
More Info:
Entry Form:
The track consists of a kiddies MX track (just extended), an Enduro track (8-11km long) and the main MX track. There are rules and regulations that the people entering the track must follow. It is a friendly place for families and a safe fun place to spend your day. There are braai and toilet facilities and a small lappa.

The fees are: R70 per larger cc bike (85cc and lager) and R40 per smaller (kiddies-65cc and below) bikes per day. Memberships are available and this reduces the riding fees.

Dirck 0836524765 Dean 0825528418

From N2 from Somerset west towards Grabou
Turn Right into broadlands and 1st road(dirt) past Strand foam will take you into main gate of track.

From Beach road strand to Gordon's Bay
Turn left into Broadlands road. Through robot and stop street.Turn Right opposite school and before Strand foam.

34° 8'4.03"S 18°52'29.00"E 

Compliments to Craig Parker for the information!


Comment by: Gert Visser

Very nice track and enduro loop. Watch out for animals , my son had a very sore and expensive encounter with a dog on the enduro loop. I nearly had a pig for lunch as well.

Date: 22 May 2011

Comment by: Airhammer

I think track closed down last week, boards are gone and my son was riding there when told track is closing down.

Date: 3 February 2012

Comment by: Morne

Confirmed the track is closed, we went riding there not so long ago and a rather "hardegat" guy with a hunting rifle came and stop us telling us its private property and nobody is allowed there. Pitty, is a very nice track that is just lying there not being used.

Date: 4 January 2013

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