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Enduro Bike Advice needed

Posted By: DivanSmit
Category: General-Chat
Province: Gauteng
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Good day

As per the subject, I would like some advice

I'm a decently experienced weekend warrior who loves a good Enduro Ride every now and then. 

Currently on a Yamaha WR450F '05 Model.

Although the Yammie has treated me well, I have a twitch in the arse to upgrade.

I'm looking at the Husky's...always wanted one. 
Now I need to decide which one.

I was told the TE300 is awesome, but I'm concerned going from 4-stroke to 2-stroke..as I was always on 4-strokes. (since my 1982 Honda XR200R)

Or should I rather look at the FE350,450 or 501?

As my bike is quite old, I'm not sure how the new bikes will measure up in performance...I would assume that you will get the same amount of power from a 350 four-stroke than an almost 15year old 450 four-stroke.

One thing I do not want is less power, that I'm sure off..but I also don't need double than what I have..a little bit more would be welcome.

I would really appreciate your advice.



Comment by: Henri

Going from a Wr to a Husky is a big change .Won't say it is a bad change but the bikes perform a lot different and some people like the change and others don't. I am on a 350 and love it. Previously I had a Honda Cr 450x and will never go back. We do alot of teck riding and long distance riding. It battles a bit in the extreme teck stuff but still manages it and can keep up with the okes on the long fast stuff. Dont think I will ever go for a bigger bike again the weight plays a big role for me. You can allso look at the new fuelinjection 2T bikes they are great

Date: 20 May 2018

Comment by: DivanSmit

Thanx for the advise, really appreciate it. I'm looking at the new fuel injected 2T's. I hear what you are saying regarding the 350, but I'm leaning towards the 300TE. I have owned a couple of 2T's in the past and I'm ready for one again

Date: 30 May 2018

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DivanSmit 767 Gauteng

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