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WOW licence ( weekend off-road warrior)

Posted By: Offroad
Category: General-Chat
Province: Western Cape
City/Town: CAPE TOWN
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Motorsport South Africa is pleased to announce a new type of licence to be made available to all Offroad Motorcycle, Quad and Enduro competitors in 2016.  The WOW (Weekend Offroad Warrior) licence is aimed at introducing recreational riders to MSA events and listed below are the broad details concerning these licences:
The licence will be in the form of a paper licence sent via email to the competitor.
The licence will be R100 per event or R300 once-off for an annual WOW licence.
No credit will be granted against the cost of an annual licence should a rider decide to upgrade to a regular MSA licence during the course of the year.  The full cost of the annual licence, as well as the cost of any associated personal accident insurance purchase/upgrade, will be payable in such instances.
All event organisers running Offroad and Enduro events under the auspices of MSA are encouraged to make provision for a WOW class at these events.
All WOW licence holders must appear on the relevant event’s race results and be scored separately in the WOW class.
Competitors with regular MSA licences (annual or one event) cannot enter the WOW class.  Any such rider who incorrectly enters the WOW class will not be scored in the dedicated WOW Log that MSA will maintain.
Once a competitor purchases three (3) one event WOW licences, he/she will automatically be entitled to receive an annual WOW Licence valid for the remainder of the year.
MSA personal accident insurance cover is not mandatory for WOW licence holders but riders who elect not to take out MSA cover will be required to satisfy event organisers (and therefore the medical teams at events) that they have their own personal accident insurance/medical aid so as not to be referred to public hospitals in the event of an accident.  
MSA personal accident insurance specifically tailored for WOW licence holders can be purchased at an annual fee of R200 (regardless of the number of WOW events competed in) and will offer medical expenses cover up to a limit of R50 000.
WOW Class riders will be eligible for trophy on race day (as they are still racing in a relevant class) but just won’t be able to score in Club Championship Log
The cost of entering a WOW class at WCOC events is R350, which includes the race and WOC license, but excludes any medical cover, which rider needs to prove he / she has or take MSA cover at R200 for the year. The lower entry fee is to encourage new riders to get involved n offroad racing. For those who have not held a Motorsport license before
For any queries, please liaise with Carmen Hill at MSA Head Office (011 675 2220 / carmen@motorsport.co.za)


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