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So who is riding in the Garden Route?

Posted By: louisvantonder
Category: General-Chat
Province: Western Cape
City/Town: George
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Hey guys...

Just got into a CR250, and looking for places/ to ride at / people to ride with...

Anyone in th4e Garden Route Reading this?



Comment by: ajclifton

Hi. Just moved down to the Cape over December and dying to ride here.. I have a CRF 250 X so looking for the mountains to ride.. Lucky i found this site. Let me know..

Date: 7 January 2014

Comment by: louisvantonder

Hey AJ. I know of a couple of guys that I ride with. More often than not everyone is not available at the same time, but we ride on Sundays mostly. *Sometimes in Knysna plantation (Knysna), *I regularly go out on the montaqu pass and do some exploration there... *There is also an MX track about 30KM's out, on a farm. https://www.facebook.com/pinehillmotox *I sometimes head into the plantation area above George (Behind Fancourt) *Rietvlei in Mosselbaai has an enduro track. And some small obstacles that was once a track. *but, we are not really allowed to ride in the forest / plantation here in George. Some guys with quads spoiled that a couple of years ago. When I go into the plantation area, I go far out... not to draw too much attention. Where do you stay in George? What is your age? Afrikaans / English?

Date: 8 January 2014

Comment by: louisvantonder

Sorry, the site mangled up my neatly formatted "post", as a single line comment... hope you can make sense of it.

Date: 8 January 2014

Comment by: ajclifton

Hi I must have completely miss read your post.. I stay in wellington, ive been looking through the post and see there is a couple of spots to ride... Im hoping i can make some friends with the guys that ride... Im 23 english speaking.. Just gotta keep checking posts and hopefully get ridding!!!SOOOOON!!!!!

Date: 8 January 2014

Comment by: louisvantonder

Haha, whoops.. yeah only about 350km's out... :-)

Date: 8 January 2014

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