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Danger at Visserhok Quarry

Posted By: LetsRide
Category: General-Chat
Province: Western Cape
City/Town: CAPE TOWN
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Please also warn other bikers who go to the quarry.  The dangers of riding there are really high and you need to be aware - or better still find somewhere else to practise.
To be 100% clear I'm referring to the much-frequented Quarry up the N7 highway opposite the Zone 7 MX Track.
Last night (Wed 28th Nov) I was riding in there with George and at 18:45 we parted in the main quarry as he was heading to Blouberg and I was to Zone 7.
By leaving separately we were breaking the 'golden rule' about not riding alone there but I had decided that because I was just exiting and heading across open ground and not hanging around on my own anywhere - the risk seemed acceptable.
I was just picking my way past a new sand pit obstructing the sand trail which crosses to the dirt road alongside the squatter camp and dozen or so meters away two black males walking slowly and seemingly peacefully along the same trial towards the quarry - and me.  I did the normal bikers public relations by aiming to steer around to their left, going fairly slowly without making too much noise and also a friendly wave.  The tall one on the right gave me a smile and a friendly wave back.
One second later they moved into my path and the non-waving one who was directly in front of me raised a gun to point at me purposefully with both hands, he had my attention as the other one hooked my right arm with his to pull me off my bike.  I still had forward momentum and his pull actually saved me because it hooked me into a turn between them and behind him and I gassed it to get over big bushes and rubble to get across the wasteland.  Thank God I stayed on my bike, that the bush was just rideable and there was nothing in my way.  And also thank God he didn't shoot me in the back.
By what seems to have been incredibly good luck I got away scot-free - albeit with shattered nerves.  They nearly ruined my day. Any of the possible scenarios don't bear thinking about.
So as if you needed another warning - it is not safe to be there - even on your bike.
I've heard of other incidents and attacks before - but those seemed to happen when people were off their bikes and sitting around in the bush - this is the first time I'm aware when a gun has been involved - which takes things to a much more serious level.  I have also heard and witnessed attempts by tearful women to lure bikers to follow them to help with domestic attacks.
If you do go there, do it only in large groups and know the risks.  Enter from the coastal side to stay away from the squatter camp side so these guys aren't tempted across to find you.  Stay alert, enter and exit quickly, give anyone you do come across a really wide berth.  Never take your helmet off and leave your bike.


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