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2008  kx 250 fouling plugs 2008 kx 250 fouling plugs

Posted By: Quentin1988
Category: General-Chat
Province: Gauteng
City/Town: Benoni
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my KX 250 2 stroke keep on fouling my plugs .  have it for 2 weeks now . . the plug is oili when i take it out . . when i got it

i Thought  it was the 2 stroke thats not mixes properly . now my 2de tank mixing 40.1 and still doing the same . not riding  hard . still training .





Comment by: KobusC3

Hi It can be a few things... firstly check that the bike is been jetted correctly, but with jetting comes the compression, if that is low it also will run rich... secondly check your exhaust packing in the rear pipe, i had alot of failed plugs because of that..... mine ran for a whole ride and after a week of rest it starts 1st time and then just die, plug failed.. fixed exhaust and that was it... Hope u get it sorted m man.....

Date: 26 November 2012

Comment by: ktm

this is common with these Kx's, my brother in law had the same issues, so dont worry there is probably nothing wrong with your bike. The KX 250 has a bullet proof motor, you should check the idleing jet and get a smaller one if needed, and what I did was drop the needle one clip position and voila! no more plug problems.You can safely mix oil/fuel at 40:1 if you just ride socialy or do some enduro type riding the standard 32:1 ratio is for motocross and overkill for this type of riding.

Date: 11 December 2012

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