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Newb - Hi all

Posted By: wildcard
Category: General-Chat
Province: Gauteng
City/Town: Randburg
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Hi all.

Just joined the site looking for rides and places to ride. Hopefully hitting inibos this weekend. I have been there before a while back, and from memory, it was awesome. Does anyone know of any other similar places a bit closer to home (I am in Randburg). Inibos isnt really that far, but less travel = more ride :D.

Other than that I am looking for some kit for the missus, if someone knows of bargains or places to look.

Otherwise, glad to be here.


Comment by: Badboy69

Hi, I have just joined the site and am also in Randburg. Also looking for a place close to home to go ride or people to go ride with. If you know of any people or groups i could go ride with, would be greatly appretiated. Take care.

Date: 4 September 2013

Comment by: avanstaden

hi , do you guys know about Chimes in the east rand ? no cost involved just pay the car gaurd somthing to look after your car , but safe parking. if you coming from randburg on the N12 take right of Snake off ramp and i think first robot left just down the road at the petrol garage. let me know if you need more info

Date: 19 March 2015

Comment by: CIN317

Please visit our website - www.flyingdirtadventures.co.za

Date: 20 May 2016

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