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Dirt Bike - 2 Stroke Mix - Recommendation Dirt Bike - 2 Stroke Mix - Recommendation

Posted By: LetsRide
Category: General-Chat
Province: Western Cape
City/Town: CAPE TOWN
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I spoke to well known mechanic Cecil from Cecil Penny Racing here in Cape Town and I asked him what his opinion was for the best mixture of 2 stroke oil and petrol for my bike. I always thought using 200ml of oil for 10L of petrol was correct, but I was actually wrong....... His recommendation is 40:1 and that means the following.

Ratio examples
40L petrol = 1L Oil
20L petrol = 500ml Oil 
10L petrol = 250ml Oil 
  5L petrol = 125ml Oil 

I use Putoline MX5 Synthetic Off Road 2 Stroke Oil! Cost about R120 for 1L.

What do you use?


Comment by: Onyx

Dont have a favourite and have experimented with a few oils including: Motul 710 & 800 Maxima Formula K2 and Super M Amsoil Dominator Run 40:1 when I trial ride and 32:1 for track days on my YZ125. If I had to choice a oil I would say Maxima Formula K2, burns nice and clean and its a fully Ester based so just that little extra protection. Downside it comes in a small bottle and at R90 is not practical at all.

Date: 9 February 2012

Comment by: hotstuff

Cecil is 100% right and he is arguably the best in Cape Town, as far as offroad bikes go, to ask. The only thing is that the less oil in the fuel the more the engine wear so if you are on a tight budget you can run 25:1 and 30:1 etc but with a resultant power decrease as well.

Date: 20 August 2012

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