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Honda CR85 Problem

Posted By: Norris
Category: General-Chat
Province: Western Cape
City/Town: Bellville
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I bought my son a 2005 model CR85. I ran it on a 50:1 fuel ratio from the time I bought it for him which was ± 2 months ago.

I took him for 4 or 5 rides (spend in total about 2½ - 3 hours in the saddle).

From the onset the bike had a bit of a "miss"/flat spot. When riding, it sometimes felt as if there was no fuel coming through (it would cut out for a second or two) and then it would go again.

The problem was that the power band would come in very unexpectedly, making it a bit risky to play with. I then fitted a new air filter (sponge type - not original as Honda did not have one in stock in the country) and then I did some research on the Net that indicated that I should be running a mix ratio of 32:1.

I filled it on Wednesday with the new mixture and drove it up and down in the road a couple of times without any hassles. 

This morning we loaded it for him to go and ride and within a question of 100 meters it just cut out as if you run out of fuel (like forgetting to open the fuel tap). I came home drained the fuel and replaced it again with a 50:1 ratio as before. I also fitted a new spark plug but nothing. This from a bike that as a rule use to start from the very first kick. I am no bike expert but I am baffled. I reset (increased and decreased) the float level, cleaned the carb thoroughly, fitted an in line fuel filter, checked the reed valves and can't find anything wrong.

The air screw is turned out 1 5/8 turns. I am pretty sure that I am overlooking something small. I also unplugged the one wire of the kill switch, but nothing seems to work.  The motor turns over normally but I am convinced that even with the new spark plug that there might be a problem with spark.

I have not checked the spark after having fitted the new spark plug, which by the way is an NGK B9EG.

Any assistance/suggestions where to look next?

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Comment by: fvanzyl

join the cape enduro forum!!! post the same question/problem there. You will get plenty of response and advice!!

Date: 12 December 2011

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Norris 320 Western_Cape

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