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My KDX200 vs Friend's CR250 My KDX200 vs Friend's CR250

Posted By: LetsRide
Category: General-Chat
Province: Western Cape
City/Town: CAPE TOWN
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This past weekend at the Bonthuys Fun Ride I took my buddy Shaun’s Honda CR250 (this is a 2 stroke for those who do not know) for a spin! Obviously this is a very good bike, but by my surprise I was shocked on how HARD the suspension is. I know this is a MX bike, but WOW, how do you guys ride this bike in the bush with that MX suspension??

The seat is also ROCK hard!

The thing is I ride a Kawasaki KDX 200(also a 2 stroke) and this bike is made for the bush I know, and you can really feel the difference in the suspension, I will pick my KDX way before this CR250 (because I only ride in the bush.....)

But wait.....there’s more..........

I really thought that the CR250 would be ALOT faster than my KDX but it wasn’t hey! It might have been a lil faster but I was quite surprised that it did not have a lot more wooma than my KDX!

The CR250’s engine was recently done over and Shaun even placed a larger sprocket in the front for more wooma. So there is nothing wrong with the bike.

Please note that I am not degrading the CR250 at all, I am just saying how good the KDX 200 actually is to me!!



Comment by: John

Yip, those KDX machines have lekker power!

Date: 23 November 2010

Comment by: Orlando

Hi Etienne, as I was saying on my photo comment, it is all about horses for courses.
The Honda CR250 is an MX bike, hard seat, suspension designed for jumping, and again no weighted flywheel so it has a typical "all or nothing" power curve.
Pretty ordinary out of the power band, but should take off like a rocket once it hits the power band.

To ride this type of 2T in outrides, tech stuff, etc you constantly have to use your clutch to keep it in the power band.
Adding a larger sprocket in front will actually slow the bike's acceleration and "pull" down, but give it longer legs in top gear, so the top end will be increased, but it will fall out of the power band easier if not ridden properly.

The KDX on the other hand is an Enduro 2T, softer seat, softer suspension, designed to give a more comfortable ride, but will bottom out if used for MX at standard settings.
It also has a Wide Ratio gearbox, and with Kawasaki's KIPS valve system and a weighted flywheel the bike has more low range grunt than a CR. It is also a much easier bike to ride because of this and much more forgiving due to the wider power spread.

If I was your mate, I would go back to standard gearing, (he will still get up to around 115 - 120km/hr), install a decent pipe like an FMF Powercore if he hasn't got one, and make sure the pre-sag and shock damping is set up correctly for his weight, biased to the soft side if he does not ride track.

Date: 23 November 2010

Comment by: LetsRide

Cool, will past this onto him! Thanks Orlando, he actually rides enduro and track!

Date: 23 November 2010

Comment by: Natalie

Hey Orlando I ride a 250 4 stoke but have always wondered something about 2 strokes... where does this power band come from??? And as you described earlier about "fall out of the power band easier if not ridden properly". What does this mean? Thanks, Natalie

Date: 23 November 2010

Comment by: Orlando

Hi Natalie,

I'm going to try answer your question without getting too technical.

What is a "power Band", and where does it come from?

It is the Rpm (rev) range where any engine makes most of it's power. The power output is not constant at all RPM's.
On some engines, especially 4 strokes, the curve is relatively flat.
With 2 strokes in particular, the curve usually has a steep slope, or a narrow band where the power output is greatest.

It can easily be felt when going through the gears of you keep the throttle wide open and let the engine rev to it's full limit. It will reach a point and start to really scream.

Many people think it is some physical part on a 2 stroke dirt bike, but every internal combustion engine has a power band, your lawn mower, your weed eater, your car, your bike. etc.

4 strokes have a very wide power band which is why no one ever really talks about a power band on a 4 stroke, the power is just always there so no need to talk about it.
A 2 stroke has a much more narrow power band which is why you always hear this term when folks are talking about 2 strokes.

Most two strokes make almost no power in the lower RPM's and then when they hit a certain RPM the power just kicks in really hard and that's what people mean when they say "hitting the power band"

This is a basic explanation, there are other factors that affect the Power Band range and effectiveness in motors, In 2 strokes it would be the big looking exhaust, (expansion chamber), Power Valve type and setting. A 4 stroke would benefit from "hot" cam profiles and exhaust head pipes.


Date: 24 November 2010

Comment by: ktm

KDX,S were and still are very good bikes - to bad the Japanese went mad stopped making them. But hey I am probably biast as I used to ride a 450 4 stroke, yes lot's of power but heavy as an anvill in technical terrain. 2 STROKE RULES!!

Date: 16 December 2012

Comment by: ktm

Hi Guys, I have a 2011 KTM 250 XC-W that I really enjoy riding. It is the best bike I have ever owned and I've had a few. Only one problem, the !@##$%^ starter motor,what a piece of junk. I had it repaired once before and man was that a nightmare. Now guess what here we go again in just a few months. The KTM part will set me back in the region of R4500 - R5000 if not moreand it's still the same lame piece of rubbish - no improvements. I find this to be daylight robbery, does anyone know if there is an aftermarket starter motor that I can buy at a reasonable price? In the meanwhile I suppose I have to remove it again, strip it and replace the bearings and brushes - it's a shame that KTM built such an excellent bike with the polar opposite starter motor. You can download vids that show you how to repair this thin, provided the shaft is not damaged, and if so guess what, you have to take it to engineering shop to have it machined down because it's so hard that they need to use special bits to do this. Well wish me luck, I will build up to doing this job soon - luckily the katoom starts easily with the kick starter, thank God for 2 strokes.

Date: 14 February 2013

Comment by: michaelk

for the cr there are preload settings and rebound adjusting the main one is below the swingarm on the shock itself if the rebound and adjustments are set on low trust me it has a great and soft enduro loke suspension and for the sprockets go bigger in the front smaller in the back it will give more top end torque you go smaller in the front and bigger in the back i am running 14/49 and climb rocks and stuff you need a soft supension for that mine feels like ktm ya and clutch and wot not but if you have enough rebound its possible lifting it with just a bounce on the rebound and accelerate as for my cr im am running standard pipes with standard engine 14/49 sprockets and polished ports needle still standard and shocks and springs set on soft and still picks up in every gear in need be drop me a msg and will forward that part of the workshop manuel to help regards mike

Date: 15 August 2013

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