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Posted By: charl
Category: Events
Province: Eastern Cape
Event Location: Lloyds Brick Works
Event Date: Saturday, 20 November 2010
Event Time: 06:00
Event Cost: R250
GPS Settings: N/A
More Info: Click here
Entry Form: Download
Event Description
GOOD NEWS: If you have not taken out an MSA licence for this year yet, you can do so NOW at a reduced amount. MSA has reduced the price of the MSA licence for our last event of this year. 

The MSA licence will cost you R50.00 if you do not take out the MSA medical insurance. If you have your own Medical Insurance cover and/or Medical Aid that covers motorsport participation, proof must be provided from your medical aid company in the form of a letter. 

The MSA medical insurance will cost you an extra R280.00. According to MSA, they will not force you to take the medical insurance, but you will have to sign an indemnity form and MSA nor Algoa-Off-Road Club will be held responsible for any deaths/injuries obtained. 

It is DEFNITELY advisable to have medical cover if you want to take part in the race. Total of R50.00 (without MSA medical insurance-own Medical aid cover) OR R50.00 + R280.00 (MSA medical insurance) = R330.00 

 Entries and MSA licence applications can be done at the Algoa Off-Road Club House (at Lloyds Brickworks) on Tuesday night, 16th November 2010 from 18h00. 

Entries can also be faxed to 086 550 7652, emailed to charmare@cccomputers.co.za or charl@cccomputers.co.za or dropped off at 221 Villiers Road, Walmer, Port Elizabeth. 

Please fill in the competitors medical form and the scrutineering form(self-scrutineering) when returning your entry form. All competitors must please remember to bring their MSA Off-Road /Enduro licence card to the event.


Attached is the necessary forms/information for this event. Attachments include: 1. Regs 2. Permit 3. Entry forms 4. Scrutineering form - 5. Competitors Medical form 6. MSA Licence application forms Year End function will commence on the 20th November 2010 after the event at Lloyds. 

You are all welcome to join us for a “bring and braai”. Salads and rolls will be provided. Regards, Charmaré Van Jaarsveld ALGOA OFF-ROAD CLUB SECRETARY E-mail: charmare@cccomputers.co.za 

Phone: 041-5817821 Cell: 0711 404 856 Fax : 086 550 7652


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